Webinar: How states and regions can reduce dangerous air pollutants (findings from North America)

(New York)

Findings from North America – Short-Lived Climate Pollutant reporting to the CDP Platform

This webinar showcases data disclosed by subnational governments on short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) action from the North American region to CDP, and is the second in series of webinars providing feedback from 3 regions around the world. Information will also be shared on how cities, states and regions can join the BreatheLife campaign to raise awareness of the health and climate benefits from reducing SLCPs and other air pollutants.

CDP is the official reporting platform for C40 Cities, supporting almost 90% of C40 cities in annual reporting. In addition, CDP also serves as an official reporting platform for the Compact of Mayors and the Under2 Coalition.
The reporting of actions taken by states and regions to reduce short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) emissions directly supports the implementation of the Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals, country action plans (including Nationally Determined Contributions – NDCs) and sectoral plans to effectively tackle climate change and air quality at local levels. 

CDP works with investors, companies, and governments to drive environmental disclosure and action that will deliver a sustainable economy, prevent dangerous climate change and protect natural resources. CDP specializes in the collection and analysis of sustainability data, collecting information from organizations on emissions, climate risk, mitigation and adaptation actions, water stewardship, deforestation and supply chains. With over 500 cities, 5800 companies, and over 100 states and regions reporting annually, CDP is the largest global platform for detailed sustainability data regarding non-party stakeholders. 

This webinar is part of a series showcasing SLCP action around the world. The recording of the first webinar, highlighting results from the European region, can be accessed here.