Workshop: CCAC Methane Roadmap Action Programme


The CCAC is pleased to hold an introductory workshop for the CCAC Methane Roadmap Action Programme (M-RAP). The workshop will take place on Thursday 20 October 2022 from 1400-1500 CEST via Microsoft Teams and is invitation only. Please reach out to secretariat [at] (secretariat[at]ccacoalition[dot]org) for more information on how to participate.

During the workshop, we will provide an overview of the M-RAP and the Methane Action Plan Template. In the spirit of sharing experiences amongst CCAC partners and GMP countries, Finland will also present their new National Methane Action Plan, which was developed using the Methane Action Plan Template, and reflect on lessons learned from the process of developing the plan. The presentations will be followed by a question-and-answer period.

The CCAC is a core implementing partner of the Global Methane Pledge, which was launched by the US and the EU at COP26 and has now been joined by 122 countries with the global ambition of collaborating to achieve an at least 30% reduction in global anthropogenic methane emissions below 2020 levels by 2030.

The CCAC is proposing the Methane Roadmap Action Programme (M-RAP) to support countries to develop Methane Action Plans outlining both their commitment to mitigate methane and how this commitment will be achieved. The M-RAP acknowledges that countries are not at the same stage in their methane mitigation planning, and that there is not one way in which methane mitigation ambition and planning can be communicated. As a result, the M-RAP focuses not on the development of specific documents, but instead aims to support countries in achieving the core building blocks of methane mitigation planning described in the Methane Action Plan Template.

Run of Show

  1. Opening (5 mins) | Martina Otto, Head of Secretariat, CCAC
  2. Introduction to the Methane Roadmap Action Programme (M-RAP) and Methane Action Plan Template (10 min) | Nathan Borgford-Parnell, Science Affairs Coordinator, CCAC
  3. Presentation of the Finland’s National Methane Action Plan (15 min) | Kaarle Kupiainen, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Environment, Finland
  4. Q&A (30 mins)