World Sustainable Development Summit side event "Nexus between Energy, Air Pollution, Public Health and Climate Change"

New Delhi

Side event

The CCAC co-organised a side event on the "Nexus between Energy, Air Pollution, Public Health and Climate Change" on 6 October 2016 at the World Sustainable Development Summit in Belhi, India. The event will brought together policy makers; air pollution and climate science experts; civil society; business and financial institutions; and the media to highlight the importance of air pollutant reduction and their associated benefits related to human health, agriculture and climate. The workshop aims to target interventions in different sectors such as residential cooking and transport to reduce their contributions to the PM and Ozone concentrations.

Update: report released November 2016

Following this side event, a self-organised task force of eminent Indian and international experts, have issued a report "Breathing Cleaner Air: Ten Scalable Solutions for Indian Cities," which outlines solutions that can significantly reduce air pollution, including critical near-term measures. The Coalition issued a press release for the launch of the final report on 16 November 2016.


World Sustainable Development Summit - WSDS 2016: TERI
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