CCAC at COP28 - Daily Updates: 7 December

by CCAC Secretariat - 7 December, 2023
A summary of developments from 7th day of COP28, 2023

The COP28 Presidency, in collaboration with UN-Habitat and Bloomberg Philanthropies, hosted a Ministerial Meeting on Urbanization and Climate Change. Over 40 Ministers of Environment, Urban Development, and Housing supported the 'Joint Outcome Statement on Urbanization and Climate Change.' The statement proposed 10 outcomes to integrate climate action across all government levels, emphasizing the need for local climate finance to support city-level adaptation. 


The 'Local Climate Action Summit' introduced the 'Coalition for High Ambition Multilevel Partnerships (CHAMP),' urging greater involvement of local and regional leaders in shaping Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), now endorsed by over 60 national governments. 


The Governments of France and Morocco, together with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), launched the Buildings Breakthrough, which will see countries joining forces to accelerate the transformation of the sector – which accounts for 21 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions – with a view to making near-zero emissions and climate resilient buildings the new normal by 2030. Twenty-seven countries have so far pledged their commitment to the Buildings Breakthrough. 


"We need highest ambition, not point scoring or lowest common denominator politics. We need enhanced transparency, and to deliver our promise to fund climate action across the world” - Mr. Stiell, Executive Secretary of the UN Climate Convention. He said that technologies and solutions exist, and the tools are all there on the table. “It’s time for governments and negotiators to pick them up and put them to work. 


“We don’t want people to be breathing polluted air as a result of the fact that they are preparing food,”-Maria Neira, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director of Environment, Climate Change and Health


“The lack of clean cooking is a human rights issue, especially for women and children. There are so many co-benefits associated with it that it’s almost a no-brainer. And it’s a low-hanging fruit.”- Bhushan Tuladhar, Chief of Party of USAID Clean Air in Nepal


At No time to waste: Closing the climate loop, the importance of SLCPs and circular economy approaches (and investments) to climate goals specifically in support of the Waste to Zero initiative was demonstrated. The session urged a shift from traditional waste management to circular economy, addressing urgent challenges like Organic Waste emissions. The panel emphasized implementation, roles of governments, global actors, data, and inclusive transitions, considering the voices of the informal sector. 


“We got the support from the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to have programs for reducing methane from our landfills from our illegal dump sites, also from livestocks and the other areas. We just started to deliver a very sophisticated tracking system that we can track the waste from the waste pickers throughout the industry, the recycling industry and right now we will deliver to the industry that use that plastic.” -  Adalberto Felicio Maluf Filho, National Secretary for Urban Environment and Environmental Quality at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MMA), Brazil at No time to waste: Closing the climate loop


“We need this paradigm shift towards a circular economy. But to have this paradigm shift towards a circular economy. We need a mindset change. We really need to change the perspective from where we see waste and not as waste anymore but as materials. ISWA vision is a world where nothing is wasted. Waste should be reduced to a minimum, prevention action should be prioritized, and the remaining items should be collected, recycled, treated, and residual matter must go to say final destinations.” -  Carlos Silva Filho, President, International Solid Waste Association at No time to waste: Closing the climate loop


“We can't just point out the problem. We need to figure out how to finance these solutions. And governments, local governments are many times underfunded. And one of the things that they always have to do is take out the trash. And so we needed to think like them, how to get the finance to work.” - Marcelo Mena, CEO, Global Methane Hub at No time to waste: Closing the climate loop


“We can do it. And it is that our aim of the priority action is to attain universal solid waste collection coverage divert waste, especially organic waste from landfills and safe disposal of residual waste.” -  Elizabeth Sackey, Mayor of Accra Metropolitan Assembly at No time to waste: Closing the climate loop


“We are a partnership of almost 90 countries and over 90 non state actors working to reduce short-lived climate pollutants. We have been building attention and cooperation on the non-CO2 agenda since our creation in 2012 and are proud to see how much the urgency and commitment on this has risen to the top at this COP. We are now also providing secretariat services to the Global Methane Pledge.” - Martina Otto, Head of Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) Secretariat at No time to waste: Closing the climate loop.  


The Second Annual Accountability and Implementation Dialogue, organized by CDP and World Resources Institute, in collaboration with UNFCCC and the UN High Level Climate Champions Team showcased the efforts, successes, and challenges faced in implementing climate action from initiatives. 


Reducing Global Methane Emissions: Imperatives, Opportunities, and Challenges organized by the Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability launched the Harvard Initiative on Reducing Global Methane Emissions for reducing methane and CO2 emissions, discussed recent research and practices on technology, policy, and international cooperation.  

Methane Moment with Carolina Urmeneta of the Global Methane Hub
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Methane Moment with Martina Otto of Climate and Clean Air Coalition Secretariat
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Methane Moment with Carlos Silva Filho of International Solid Waste Association
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Methane Moment with Arvind Kumar of the Lung Care Foundation
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