CCAC National Project Coordinator for Liberia

by CCAC Secretariat - 5 February, 2024
The CCAC National Project Coordinator for Liberia will be responsible for providing support to the CCAC Focal Point at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Liberia joined the CCAC in 2014 to step up its ambition to combat short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), especially in the waste, household energy and cooling sectors.  

With support from the CCAC, Liberia is looking to address the country’s main SLCP emission sources of the country, household energy, transport, and waste. The Environmental Protection Agency has completed an integrated air pollution and climate change emission inventory. 

The Environmental Protection Agency has requested CCAC to develop a National Methane Roadmap that informs the implementation of its NDC. This project has been launched in November 2023. The CCAC has also approved a project to develop a waste sector strategy that reduces black carbon emissions from open burning in Liberia. The project is expected to commence in 2024.

The CCAC is therefore seeking a National Project Coordinator to strengthen the capacity of the Environmental Protection Agency for national SLCP mitigation planning, policies and implementation and more specifically the delivery of a National Methane Roadmap and development of a black carbon strategy.

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