Celebrating the 3rd International Day of Clean Air for blue skies

by CCAC secretariat - 7 September, 2022
September 7 marks the third International Day of Clean Air for blue skies. Read about how the Climate and Clean Air Coalition and our partners are celebrating.

Today is the 3rd annual
International Day of Clean Air for blue skies!

This year's theme is #TheAirWeShare.
Air pollution doesn’t recognize borders or boundaries. 


According to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, 99% of the world’s population is now breathing polluted air which also has detrimental impacts on climate, biodiversity, and ecosystems. This year, we focus on the transboundary nature of air pollution and the need for collective accountability and action. We call upon governments, corporations, and civil society to take action to reduce air pollution and bring transformative change for #TheAirWeShare. 

The International Day of Clean Air for blue skies is a joint effort between the CCAC and UNEP, and was designated via an official UN resolution adopted in 2019. 

Learn about how you can get involved on Clean Air Day, see what CCAC partners are doing to commemorate, and more below.

Get Involved

  • Think you know everything there is to know about air pollution? Take our quiz, developed by the CCAC Scientific Advisory Panel, and put your knowledge to the test.
  • Want to learn more? Read about all the questions you've ever had on this deadly form of pollution, answered by scientists from all over the world.
  • Curious about solutions to air pollution? Listen and learn to this podcast from our Head of Secretariat and read this op-ed from the chief scientists of UNEP, WHO, IUCN, and WMO. 
  • Ready to participate? Join events today and tomorrow commemorating Clean Air Day and catalyzing action. 
  • Want to explore the data? Check out the interactive map below. 


Public figures recognize the importance of #TheAirWeShare

CCAC partners, heads of UN agencies, and more have contributed video messages to call for action on Clean Air Day. Watch them all here.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has called for collective action to ensure a healthy, sustainable planet on Clean Air Day. This includes investing in renewable energy, rapidly shifting to zero-emission vehicles and alternative modes of transport, increasing access to clean cooking, heating & cooling, and recycling rather than burning waste. 


CCAC partners Cambodia, Chile, Maldives and Pakistan have made statements recognizing the importance of transboundary action on air pollution.

This year’s theme, The Air We Share, reminds us of the critical importance of air and the need to ensure safe and healthy air for mankind. However, air pollution is a transboundary environmental challenge that can only be addressed by full cooperation from all.”
Say Sam Al
The Maldives is particularly vulnerable to the devastating impacts of climate change which is closely linked to air pollution. Air quality in the capital city is influenced by both domestic and long-range transboundary sources, with transboundary air pollution accounting to almost 70% of the total pollution. Air pollution knows no political borders, and air quality can only be managed with regional efforts.”
Aminath Shauna
Air pollution knows no boundaries, borders, or frontiers. Likewise, the efforts that different governments undertake to tackle and address the air pollution quality crisis of all countries should become a regional effort.”
Maisa Rojas
We are committed to improving air pollution and reducing emissions as we go through a devastating year of unprecedented climate crises."
Sherry Rahman

Other partners and contributors include:

  • Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, World Health Organization

  • Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary, UNECE
  • Inger Andersen, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme
  • Børge Brende, President, World Economic Forum
  • Jane Burston, Executive Director,  Clean Air Fund
  • Maria Kolesnikova, UNEP Young Champion of the Earth

  • Ban Ki MoonFormer Secretary-General, United Nations

  • Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, BreatheLife Champion and Founder, Ella Roberta Family Foundation
  • Eva SchererCFO, Rail Infrastructure and Mobility Software, Siemens