Newsletter: March 2018

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: 500 students from 30 schools participate in the 'Green Passport for Youth' launch


Message from the secretariat

The most air polluted cities in the world are found in Asia, posing a major threat to health and well-being of the population. But this is also an opportunity for change! 

The public outcry is becoming stronger and therefore efforts to reduce PM2.5, including black carbon, methane and tropospheric ozone are high on the agenda. The Asia-Pacific Clean Air Week brought together celebrities, government officials, cities and financiers to focus on solutions: cleaner vehicles and fuels, bike sharing systems changed household energy sources, improved waste management and incentives to stop open burning.

Mongolia’s Minister made a call to all countries in the region to following their lead to install Green Passport for youth and schools as a powerful way to change behavior for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Their main air pollution source in Ulaanbataar is the burning of raw coal for heating in winter and Euro2 fuels. We had the privilege to work with our partner country Mongolia on this and other efforts.



The 2018 Climate & Clean Air Awards are now open for nominations!

For the 2nd consecutive year, we are calling on the SLCP community to recognise the projects and policies making an impact on climate change and air pollution.

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Climate-friendly supermarket refrigeration installed in Jordan

The project has installed the first transcritical CO2 refrigeration system in a supermarket in the entire region and is truly state-of-the-art technology.

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Women entrepreneurs turning waste into useful products

Empowering women as sustainable business owners to build their financial independence and strengthen their capacity to contribute to their communities and the environment.

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Vital Strategies joins the Climate and Clean Air Coalition

The Coalition is excited to work with an organization devoted to partnering with governments to rapidly design and implement public health initiatives.

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Health must be the number one priority for urban planners

Air pollution levels soar in urban settings that prioritize road transport over pedestrians and cyclists, and that allow uncontrolled sprawl in unbroken blocs of asphalt and concrete.

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Welcome to our newest partners!

Upcoming events

8th Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific
9-12 April | Indore, India

10th Africa Carbon Forum
11-13 April | Nairobi, Kenya

Global Methane Forum
16-18 April | Toronto, Canada

22nd Climate and Clean Air Coalition Working Group Meeting
17-20 April | Toronto, Canada

Sustainable Energy for All Forum
2-3 May | Lisbon, Portugal

Gold Standard Conference: Grow to Zero 2018
18-19 April | Berlin, Germany