Newsletter: May 2022


The CCAC has published the first of three calls for proposals for 2022 to support implementation of the new 2030 Strategy. A total of $9 million of CCAC funding is available this year.

Funding for the first call aims at advancing national policy and planning to reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) in 23 countries. The next two calls will support SLCP mitigation in the main emitting sectors, both through national government and industry actions.

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Celebrating 10 years of the CCAC: Climate actions for agriculture

The Paris Agreement cannot be met without dramatic changes in the agricultural sector.

We look at the changing perceptions of climate action in the agriculture sector and some of the emissions reductions strategies that countries have implemented with the CCAC's support to create more sustainable, equitable, and profitable agricultural sectors.

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Latest news: Our partners in action

Colombia mandates methane emissions reductions in the fossil fuel sector, a first for the region

The CCAC and its partners helped spur a multi-year effort to build Colombia’s capacity to rein in methane emissions, culminating in groundbreaking policy.

Panama strengthens its climate and clean air ambitions since joining the CCAC

To fight the adverse impacts of climate change, Panama has set ambitious mitigation goals in its latest NDC, including an energy emission reduction target and actions in the agriculture and waste sectors.

California proposes $100 million to tackle methane emissions through remote sensing

Longstanding CCAC partner California looks to expand the use of satellite remote-sensing technology to observe and reduce methane emissions.

CCAC launches new project to implement improved vehicle emission standards in Cambodia

Work carried out under this project supports the emissions targets set in Cambodia's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and national Clean Air Plan.

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