Pure Earth/Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP)

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Pure Earth is an international not-for-profit nongovernmental organisation that works to save and improve lives, particularly the lives of children in poor communities, by reducing disease-causing pollution. Pure Earth identifies toxic hot spots and assists affected countries and communities to improve soil, water, and air quality using cost-effective solutions that reduce pollution, save lives, and protect the planet.

Pure Earth serves as the Secretariat of the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP), a collaborative network of 65+ organisations that sees to reduce the impact of pollution of air, water, soil and the workplace on human health.

Pure Earth/GAHP intends to support the CCAC through:

  1. Advance research on the overlaps between short-lived climate pollutants and human health, with particular emphasis on solutions that benefit air quality, human health and climate change
  2. Advance international attention to the issue of air quality and human health
  3. Advance on-the-ground implementation of programs/projects in low and middle-income countries that have measurable impact on human health and air quality, and benefits for climate change


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New York, NY 10115,United States

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