SLCP action plan

National Action Plan to Mitigate Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

2018 - 2040

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The implementation of the 16 measures outlined in the National Action Plan are expected to reduce methane (CH4), black carbon (BC) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and lead to substantial rapid health, agriculture and climate benefits. They target 7 priority sectors including energy, transport, industrial process, agriculture, forestry, and waste. Emphasis within the plan was focused on reducing household air pollution, including increasing access to 2 million improved cookstoves by 2030. Full implementation of the strategy would reduce total CO2 emissions by 45%, in turn substantially contributing the international climate commitments in addition to SLCP abatement.


The 16 measures identified by the National Action Plan are:

  1. Ensure 50% of households adopt LPG for cooking;
  2. Ensure 10% of electricity mix from renewable energy source;
  3. Reduce regularly or frequent burnt areas by 40% especially in the savannah and
  4. transitional zones;
  5. Increase methane recovery from well-managed engineered landfill;
  6. Ensure successful implementation of soot free buses, Secure funding from GCF to increase ambition of soot free bus policy to get additional 600 buses;
  7. Increase collection of municipal solid waste, improve management of solid dumping ground;
  8. Increase installed capacity of bio-digesters in schools;
  9. Increase access to 2 million improve cookstoves;
  10. Increase NG fired thermal capacity on the public electricity grid;
  11. Ensure grid capacity addition with natural gas fired thermal plant in lieu of the proposed coal plant;
  12. Builds on the efforts of introducing efficient kiln (preferably brick kilns) for wood carbonisation among informal charcoal operators;
  13. Support the introduction of technology improvement in animal manure management and feeding/intake materials by promoting ranch system in areas of the country where livestock (especially non dairy cattle) are common;
  14. Exclude grossly or big polluting cars of the road through the enforcement of emission testing standards at the PVTs;
  15. Coordinate implementation progress of SLCP and LLCP mitigation actions;
  16. Conduct nation-wide HFC imports and consumption survey; and
  17. Expand scope of GHG inventory system to cover SLCPs.

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