Battambang waste activities

In 2014, Battambang (Cambodia) Municipality joined the Climate and Clean Air Coalition. It was the first city of Cambodia to do so.

What we've done

IGES and COMPED conducted a rapid city assessment and organized a participatory workshop to enhance active discussion between various stakeholders in Battambang on how to improve solid waste management. The proposal from the participants of that workshop can be summarized into four main tasks:

  • Promoting waste separation at source for utilization through public-private partnership
  • Improving the final disposal site
  • Integrating preservation of urban heritage and municipal solid waste management
  • Improving accountability of SLCPs emission from municipal solid waste management

In 2015, the Coalition provided financial supports to develop the work plan for Battambang City to cover these tasks through a public participation approach.

Find out more about this work on the Municipal Solid Waste knowledge platform.

Pollutants (SLCPs)