Cambodia - Deliver National Methane Roadmap  


In 2016 Cambodia's  methane emission from Energy, Agriculture, and Waste sectors equated to 21 million tonnes of CO2e, with a large component derived from methane.

The development of a National Methane Roadmap can thus contribute to increasing the ambition of Cambodia's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), national policies, and strategies on climate change including the climate change strategic plan (2014-2023). 

This project builds on previous work initiated by the Government of Cambodia, to assist the Ministry of Environment to develop a methane roadmap to informs the update of Cambodia’s NDC and other future plans with SLCP targets or mitigation measures.


The project will achieve the following by its completion: 

  • Cambodia’s government endorses the methane roadmap.


To achieve these objectives the project will

  • Develop a stakeholder map to identify the relevant stakeholders to be involved in developing the methane roadmap. 
  • Organise an orientation workshop to raise awareness on addressing methane and secure support from all stakeholders for the development of the methane roadmap. 
  • Conduct a baseline study on methane emissions in the country. 
  • Prepare a draft methane roadmap.
  • Conduct a review the draft methane roadmap by the expert advisory committee.  
  • Finalise and update the methane roadmap and submit to the approval process in the Ministry of Environment.

Project Reference: Cambodia – Deliver Methane Roadmap [KH-22-003]

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