Guinea - Strengthen national planning processes for SLCP mitigation 


Exposure of Guineans to air pollution is estimated to result in 16,000 premature deaths per year. 

Primary sources include residential cooking (60% of Guinea’s population cooking using biomass), transport (Guinea does not have operational vehicle emission standards), and open burning of waste. In addition, waste and agriculture are the largest sources of methane emissions in the country. 

However, the capacity within the Ministry of Environment and Development is extremely limited in terms of personnel and data and tools to be able to assess the magnitude of SLCP emissions from major source sectors, and identify and evaluate mitigation options. 

This project will provide technical assistance to support Guinea’s Ministry of Environment and Development in strengthening national short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) planning and mitigation actions.


This project will: 

  • Increase the Guinea’s government:
    • Capacity to assess and model their SLCP emissions, to prioritise and implement SLCP mitigation measures, and to track progress
    • Knowledge, coordination, and capacity for SLCP planning
  • Develop a methane roadmap that Guinea’s government can endorse.

To achieve these objectives the project will:

  • Updated and improve assessments of SLCP emissions, emission projections, and mitigation in key source sectors for integration into the 3rd National Communication (Biennial Update Report to UNFCCC) and the greenhouse gas emissions inventory, monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) and transparency reports.
  • Use these assessments will be used as a technical basis for preparing Guinea’s 2021 Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) implementation plan. 
  • Develop a methane roadmap in line with CCAC Secretariat methodologies for priority SLCP mitigation measures.
  • Conduct capacity building workshops and support tools to train personnel from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests and relevant institutions on developing and updating a national inventory for SLCP emitting sectors, on developing mitigation assessments, and on integrating SLCPs into Guinea's climate change planning processes.
  • Develop a portfolio of mitigation project concept notes for SLCP mitigation in Guinea.

Project Reference: Guinea - Strengthen national planning processes for SLCP mitigation [GN-22-001]