Mexico - Deliver SLCP programme 

The aim of this project is to project provide technical assistance to support Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in developing a short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) programme to advance policy-relevant research and analysis. 

Project Reference: Mexico - Deliver SLCP programme [MX-22-001]


The project should achieve the following by its completion:

  • Mexico’s government endorses the methane roadmap.
  • Mexico’s government endorses the updated national SLCP strategy.
  • Mexico’s government endorses the NDC implementation plan with SLCP mitigation measures.
  • Mexico’s government adopts the strategy to regionalize waste valorisation projects.
  • Mexico’s government employs the systems to monitor and report methane emissions from the oil/gas and waste sectors.
What we're doing


The main project deliverables are:  

  • An updated national SLCP strategy.
  • An implementation plan for the SLCP strategy and to incorporate it into planning activities.
  • A methane roadmap that follows a methodology agreed with the CCAC Secretariat. Include improved methane emission estimates from the waste and oil and gas sectors.
  • A strategy to upscale waste valorisation projects.
  • A system to monitor and report methane emissions from the oil and gas and waste sectors.