Supporting SLCP commitment at the General Assembly of the Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas

CCAC Funded
Implementing partners

In pursuit of greater high-level commitment to reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) in Latin America, Paraguay requested assistance from the Coalition's Solution Centre to relay messaging on the importance of mitigating these pollutants to curb short-term warming.

Assistance provided

The Coalition supported the participation of Dr. Graciela Binimelis de Raga, Co-Author of the Regional Assessment for SLCPs in Latin America and the Caribbean and a member of the CCAC Scientific Advisory Panel. Ms. Marisela Ricardez García, Coordinator to the Coalition´s Initiative on Supporting National Action and Planning on SLCPs for Latin America also attended.

The participation of these experts was key in highlighting the main results and recommendations of the Regional Assessment for SLCPs and showed the efforts aiming to reduce SLCPs emissions in the region.


SLCPs were discussed at the heart of the Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development that was held 28 February 2018 at the Latin American Parliament. Chaired by Senator Fernando Silva Facetti of Panama, the Committee gathered Members of the Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas, including Paraguay, a Coalition Partner since 2014, represented by Senator Zulma Goméz, President of the National Defense for Natural Resources (CONADERNA).

As a result a Declaration on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants was ratified wherein the Members of the Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development consider it essential and a priority for COPA member nations and parliamentary assemblies to take measures to reduce SLCPs. 

Paraguay is receiving Institutional Strengthening activities that will be essential for the country to prioritize SLCP actions, in line with the above-mentioned declaration, that are scientifically well-grounded, politically feasible and can be cost-effectively delivered over the next few years.