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Argentina - An integrated SLCP and air pollutant emission inventory


This document presents the first integrated emission inventory covering short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) and air pollutants in Argentina. It covers emissions of all pollutants that contribute to PM2.5 and ozone formation in Argentina, the two pollutants that contribute most to air pollution health impacts. At the same time, the inventory estimates emissions of SLCPs, like black carbon, that contribute to climate change. The objectives of this document in presenting this inventory are:

  1. To present the first integrated greenhouse gases (GHG), SLCP and air pollutant emission inventory for Argentina, covering 2010-2018
  2. To show the contribution of different source sectors to emissions in Argentina
  3. To describe the methodology, and data used to develop the emission inventory, so that it can be regularly updated and revised as new data becomes available.
  4. To provide recommendations on how the integration of air pollution and climate change mitigation could be strengthened in Argentina