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Brick Sector in Nepal: National Policy Framework

Brick Sector in Nepal National Policy Framework

Brick, a commonly applied conventional construction material, is produced in about 1,000 kilns in Nepal, attracting approximately $37 million investment in the sector. Brick kilns, mostly adopting the informal production management approach, have been confronting a number of inherent environmental and social issues. Absence or insufficiency of innovative policy reforms embracing a longer-term perspective coupled with weak enforcement of already existing sector-friendly policies have been a major factor for the slow and low-scale transformation of the brick sector.

This “National Policy Framework” has been developed specifically for the brick sector with the aim to make the industry more energy-efficient, environment-friendly and socially responsive, thereby contributing to achieve reductions in black carbon and CO2 emissions along with promoting their related co-benefits on development and health.

Pollutants (SLCPs)