Scientific Advisory Panel Updates

Call for comments: climate and clean air responses to covid-19


As governments apply economic stimulus efforts, it is more important than ever that these make the connection between health, air pollution, climate, and the environment. By addressing climate, air pollution, and sustainable development as an integrated problem, we can identify technologies, lifestyle changes, and policy solutions which achieve multiple near-term benefits efficiently, sustainably, and often at lower cost than solutions that do not consider both the economy and the environment.

Right now, policymakers and leaders are looking for clear guidance on how to build back quickly from this pandemic and create resilient conditions in our communi- ties and societies to avoid future economic recessions. To act they need concrete examples and supporting information about the transformations and investments needed to reduce emissions while stimulating the economy.

We are issuing a call to the global scientific and policy community to come together and provide the guidance and evidence to, not just build back, but Build Back Better.