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The Climate and Clean Air Coalition 2030 Strategy

Climate and Clean Air Coalition 2030 Strategy

Over the next decade the world must make significant progress to slow the climate crisis, reduce air pollution, and address the poverty and inequality that threatens the most vulnerable. Humanity is pushing up against ecological limits, triggering multiple crises that threaten public health, food security, livelihoods, and the ecosystems that sustain us. These are exacerbated by new threats like COVID-19. The pandemic has underscored that international cooperation, leadership, science and solidarity matters for tackling global challenges. 

As the only international body working on integrated climate and clean air solutions to reduce the rate of near-term warming, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition is rising to meet these challenges and opportunities. Through our 2030 Strategy, we are redoubling our efforts to deliver concrete, public health, food security, environmental, and economic benefits, while simultaneously slowing the rate of near-term temperature change.