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Collection of Municipal Solid Waste in Developing Countries

Collection of MSW in Developing Countries

This book is intended to assist those who influence public and private sector investments in solid waste collection systems in developing countries. It seeks to address decision-makers, solid waste management engineers, consultants who are engaged in the planning and provision of solid waste management systems, manufacturers (as well as potential manufacturers) of refuse collection vehicles, and students learning about solid waste management in low- and middle-income countries. It focuses on the design of collection systems and the selection of refuse collection vehicles, since thorough and rational planning and assessment at this stage are crucial for overall system efficiency and performance. It aims to create awareness of vehicle design and operational features which are essential for ensuring efficiency in waste collection systems and of the potential roles of alternatives to motorised vehicles.

Specifically, the purposes of the report are:

a) to provide information that can lead to the development of reliable and affordable solid waste collection systems

b) to provide technical information for the design and manufacture of alternative vehicles that are well suited to local production, operational capacities and physical conditions, and are more cost-effective than capital-intensive vehicles from industrialised countries in the northern hemisphere.

Whilst the focus of this publication is on waste collection vehicles, it must be remembered that the successful operation of the vehicles depends on the effectiveness of the whole waste collection system, and on a range of other factors. 


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