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East Delhi - Independent Assessment & Monitoring of Waste Collection System in EDMC Area


The objective of this study was to conduct an independent audit for the monitoring of waste collection systems in EDMC area by a third party and identify gaps and deficiencies in the system. The results of the audit will help EDMC in improving their existing solid waste management system. The collection system in EDMC refers to primary collection (door-to-door collection) and secondary collection at Dhalaos.

Auditing of solid waste management is required for identification of lacunae existing in meeting regulatory compliances, occupational health and safety, managing resources in terms of primary collection, prevention of pollution etc and finally providing solutions for plugging the gaps. This audit will also aid in understanding the scenario of waste management in the 64 wards of EDMC and help in planning future actions.

The audit covered the following aspects under Solid Waste Management Rules 2016:

  1.  Mechanism for door to door waste collection from households including slums and informal settlements, commercial, institutional and other non-residential premises
  2. Waste picker organizations / informal waste collectors’ integration.
  3. Material recovery facilities in EDMC area.
  4. Locations, size, and number of bins for biodegradable, recyclable and other waste.
  5. Mechanisms for hazardous waste collection.
  6. Mechanism for collection of street sweepings.
  7. Number of trainings provided to waste pickers and waste collectors by EDMC and its impact.
  8. Mechanisms for management of waste from vegetable, fruit, flower, meat, poultry and fish market on day to day basis.
  9. Mechanism for collection of horticulture, parks, and garden waste in EDMC area.
  10. Level of community involvement in waste management (segregated collection). 

Attached is the final output of the audit.