Environmental Assessment Tools for Agri-Food Systems

Agri-food system


The CCAC has supported partner Livestock Data for Development (LD4D) in the development of a new platform aggregating environmental assessment tools for agri-food systems. 

The collaboration which brought these tools together emerged from activity within the CCAC Agriculture Hub, where actors were seeking easier access to tools for assessing methane emissions and other environmental assessment tools for the agriculture sector. 

This dashboard offers an overview of tools that can be used to assess the environmental impact of livestock, rice and the broader agricultural system. You can also find tools which assess environmental pressures on these agricultural systems. Browse tools by subject focus, emissions sources, measurement scale, and other keywords.

The tools can be used by NGOs, IGOs, implementing partners, and policy makers to inform decision making at all levels. 

LD4D invites everyone across the sector to use and contribute to the dashboard to help it become a consolidated, go-to place to understand the tools available to assess the environmental impact of agricultural systems. Above all, dashboards such as these can help countries in the Global South to measure the environmental impact of agricultural activities, which can then help them to unlock the climate finance needed to reduce emissions.

LD4D will also continue updating the dashboard with new tools and tools which stakeholders see as under-utilised. 

Find full information about the dashboard here. You can access the dashboard here.

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