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Food losses and waste : inventory and management at each stage in the food chain

As part of its mission of fighting food losses and waste, the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) led a study entitled, 'Food losses and waste, inventory and management at each stage in the food chain.' In several ways, this study is unprecedented :
  • The report starts with a definition of food losses and waste, based on discussions that started around the National Pact Against Food Waste and the recent law against food waste. This definition enables us to identify sources of progress for tomorrow's food efficiency.
  • It measures the global amount of food losses and waste generated by 26 food sectors, accounting for more than 80% of products consumed in France and at each step of the food chain. It specifies the estimated commercial value and the carbon impact in t/CO2 of these food products. This overall evaluation, within which we can see the share of each actor, does not only show that it is a shared 'responsibility' but that the actors depend on one another.
  • By looking at the practices and behaviour of each actor and the effect of one on another, this study identifies levers of progress and emphasizes individual or collective initiatives on the ground that can inspire each of us.