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Global Low Sulfur Fuels, Cleaner Vehicles Progress Tracker

Global Low Sulfur Fuels, Cleaner Vehicles Progress Tracker

The Global Strategy to Introduce Low Sulfur Fuels and Cleaner Diesel is the first global plan to move all countries to low and ultra-low sulfur in fuels and advanced diesel emissions standards by 2030. The goal of the Global Strategy is for all countries to reach low sulfur fuels (50 ppm) by 2025 and most countries to reach 10 ppm fuels by 2030. The environmental and health benefits of cleaner fuels and vehicles are substantial, eliminating an expected 14 million metric tons of PM2.5 cumulatively through 2050 and up to 500,000 fewer premature deaths a year in 2050.

In 2016, 36 countries adopted the Marrakech Communique during the Climate and Clean Air Coalition's 8th High Level Assembly, committing to “…adopting, maintaining, and enforcing Euro VI-equivalent diesel fuel quality and tailpipe emissions standards for on road light and heavy-duty vehicles in our markets” – these countries account for about one-third new heavy-duty vehicle sales worldwide. 14 have already adopted the highest vehicle emission standards available; 22 remain in Africa, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America. This tracker follows progress on desulfurization worldwide since 2012. The data comes from UN Environment’s Air Quality and Mobility Unit fuel quality and vehicle emissions data, which is based on country standards and industry information.