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How to Develop a Green Freight Program: A Comprehensive Guide and Resource Manual


This course book is designed to provide information, best practices, lessons learned, and guidance to enable nongovernmental organizations, governmental agencies, and other entities to design, build, and implement their own green freight programs modeled on SmartWay. It shares best practices and lessons learned from the U.S. EPA’s more than 10 years of experience in developing and implementing SmartWay.

This course book is designed to be used in a group session or workshop led by an instructor or as a guide for personal study. It is divided into five “modules” that walk readers through the process of establishing a green freight program from the beginning stages of market analysis through program assessment and future improvement. Each module can be used as a stand-alone reference document; the five modules can also be taken as a whole to provide a comprehensive approach to establishing a green freight program. In addition to the main content, the workbook includes tips, examples of how the SmartWay program operates, and group exercises designed to set participants on the path to creating a successful green freight program.

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