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Initiative on Fluorocarbons Life Cycle Management Concept Paper

Initiative on Fluorocarbons Life Cycle Management Concept Paper

Given the urgent need to address climate change comprehensively and the increasing demand of fluorocarbons as refrigerantsin the cooling sector, it is essential to address fluorocarbons emissions throughout the life-cycle including leakage in use and discharge to the air at disposal.

Promoting the life cycle management of fluorocarbons will significantly reduce emissions and contribute to mitigating climate change as well as ozone depletion (by HCFCs and CFCs) through introducing sound policies and technologies as well as by building relevant infrastructure. It will also contribute to improving resource efficiency, spurring innovation, and promoting sustainable economic growth and quality jobs.

The initiative will facilitate concrete actions and innovation and the collaboration among governments, the private sectors, and international institutions for our mutual benefits and support to strengthen the life-cycle management of fluorocarbons, while collaborating with existing activities and frameworks.


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