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[Manure management] Webinar: Manure a Valuable Resource Module 2 - Manure Management in Large-scale Footloose/Landless Livestock Systems


This webinar on Integrated Manure Management was conducted on February 17, 2016 and organized by the Livestock and Manure Management project lead by Wageningen UR Livestock Research and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. It is part of the CCAC Agriculture initiative.

Key speakers

Recap of webinar No. 1 and deepening the subject of manure management in large-scale footloose/landless livestock systems,
by Theun VELLINGA, Senior Researcher Livestock Systems and Climate Change at Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) Livestock Research in the Netherlands; and leader of the Livestock and Manure Management project.

The role of the Public sector, by Roberto AZOFEIFA, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica.

The role of the Private sector, by Hsin HUANG, Secretary General of International Meat Secretariat (IMS), France.

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