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Market Baseline Study on Low Sulfur Fuels


This market baseline study provides a global overview of auto fuel (both crude and refined) and vehicle markets in various sub-regions where higher sulphur fuels (in particular, diesel fuel) are still in use (fuels above 50 ppm). The narrative lays out insights from a global survey that mapped out the fuel quality in countries, the quantities of oil traded and produced, and the vehicle fleet in use (both new and used, imported and produced locally).

The market baseline study is split into regions and sub-regions. Annex 1 lists the countries per region / sub-region that were surveyed. Tables with details of diesel and vehicle standards and markets per region are presented in Annex 2 (Africa), Annex 3 (Middle East), Annex 4 (Latin America), Annex 5 (Eastern Europe and the Caucasus) and Annex 6 (Asia). References are listed in Annex 7.