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Mass Public Transport - Soot free and more efficient


This document is a technical document on soot free public transport to raise awareness on the benefits to air quality and climate in Colombia.

Worldwide, the transport sector contributes with about 20% of the emissions of black carbon (soot) that issued annually, of which close to 95% are contributed by the combustion of diesel. Fleets of urban public buses, although they are a affordable means of transport and widely used in many cities, is mainly constituted by diesel machinery that contributes about 25% of carbon emissions black, the main component of Fine particles PM2.5, issued by the sector Transportation according to Council estimates Clean Transport International (ICCT, 2015). 

Colombian cities and, in general, Latin American cities have a great opportunity to consider options for public transport cleaner and more efficient, free of contaminating particles and soot, directing its markets towards technologies of low carbon, and particularly hybrid and electric buses.


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