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Materials from the September 29, 2020 Science Policy Dialogue on Black Carbon Mitigation

Science Policy Dialogue on Black Carbon mitigation

The CCAC's Scientific Advisory Panel hosted its third virtual Science Policy Dialogue on Tuesday, 29 September 2020, under the theme "Catalyzing 2030 Mitigation Ambition – Black Carbon."

Participants included scientists, policymakers, practitioners, and regulators who reviewed black carbon emissions reduction potentials and the ways black carbon mitigation can be leveraged to drive ambitious action this decade.

Background video on black carbon science

CCAC Scientists, Graciela Binimelis de Raga, Drew Shindell, and Johan Kuylenstierna, answer questions about the latest black carbon science, impacts and opportunities to mitigate emissions and help put the world on a safe pathway to 1.5°C.

Background video on emissions from wildfires

Presentation by Pam Pearson, Co-Chair of the CCAC's Agriculture Initiative and Director of the International Climate Cryosphere Initiative (ICCI).


Full recording of the event