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MEDIA ADVISORY: Advancing Climate Action in Agriculture



Advancing Climate Action in Agriculture

When: 18:30 to 20:00

Where: Room 6

A briefing paper by the World Resources Institute and Oxfam, with support from the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, will be released at this side event tonight. The paper: Enhancing NDCs: Opportunities in Agriculture examines the role of the agriculture sector in strengthening national climate action.   

The research indicates that nationally determined contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement can help to foster more sustainable farming practices that keep the global temperature rise to 1.5°C while ensuring food security and the eradication of poverty. Indeed, NDCs can be a used as a platform to help increase support for adaptation, build the resilience of small-scale and vulnerable farmers, reduce emissions in the agriculture sector, bring together climate with other sustainable development objectives, and attract investment and support.

It proposes actionable solutions that can be incorporated into NDCs; among others, these recommendations include:

  • Better feed, health care and breeding of livestock
  • Advanced crop management to help farmers achieve better yields
  • Better land practices, including agroforestry and improved soil and water management
  • Shifts to healthier and more sustainable diets
  • Reductions in food loss and waste

The paper also shows how enhanced policies, finance, and governance arrangements can support NDC implementation. Indeed, to be successful, NDCs, and the actions above, must align with broader food security, equity and sustainable development imperatives.


Tiy Chung, Communications Officer, Climate and Clean Air Coalition: tiy.chung [at] un.org Mobile: +33626717981

Beth Elliott, Communications Manager, World Resources Institute: beth.elliott [at] wri.org  Mobile: +1 301-357-0981