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Methane Country Projections


CCAC Methane Country Projections are stand‐alone briefings designed as tools for communication and advocacy, as well as discussion starters in the context of the Global Methane Pledge. They are designed to show the scale of potential reductions and high priority targets in each country, and to help guide strategic decision‐making by Global Methane Pledge partners. The data used for Country Projections is taken from international data used in the 2021 Global Methane Assessment, not from national inventories. This allows the Country Projections to be internally consistent and comparable between countries, regions and global assessments. The country projections do not replace nationally generated data or assessments. The projections are made available to ODA‐eligible countries, and upon request, beyond. They will not be made public unless the respective country wishes to do so.

The three currently published Country Projections are examples using data from sample countries. Example 1) shows a country with anthropogenic methane emissions deriving from several sectors; Example 2) show a country with methane emissions divided between the waste and agriculture sector; and Example 3) shows a country with primarily agriculture-driven methane emissions.