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A Primer on Cutting Methane: The Best Strategy for Slowing Warming in the Decade to 2030


The IGSD Primer on Cutting Methane provides the scientific and policy rationale for decision makers to achieve the “strong, rapid, and sustained” cuts to methane emissions needed to slow
global warming in the near term, and limit the risk of triggering climate, economic, and social tipping points. 

While cutting CO2 emissions is essential to limit our warming commitment over the long term, strategies that pair decarbonisation with aggressively cutting super climate pollutants can slow warming one to two decades sooner than CO2-focused strategies alone and avoid nearly four times more warming by 2050.

Topics addressed in the Methane Primer include the science establishing the need for methane mitigation; current and emerging mitigation opportunities by sector; national, regional, and international efforts building momentum to achieve fast and deep methane reduction; and financing initiatives to secure support for fast methane reduction. 

The Methane Primer also highlights the need for research and development of technologies to remove methane from the atmosphere at scale. Through in-depth analysis of methane science, law, policy, and governance, this Primer provides the path for more international collaboration to move away from voluntary commitments and towards a binding global methane agreement.

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