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Ratnoze2 User Guide


This is a user guide for the Ratnoze portable sampling system. The Ratnoze is specialized for measuring solid fuel combustion emissions. It is appropriate for emission measurements of brick kilns, and other large and small scale industrial combustion sources with and without exhaust stacks. It is also appropriate for emission measurements of cookstoves with and without chimneys.

The Ratnoze is a dilution sampler, which is di erent from other conventional emission measurement equipment, because it conditions the exhaust sample with dilution air for representative measurement of condensible particulate matter and other semi-volatile species. It is intended to be used for determining emission factors by the carbon balance method, but can also be used to determine undiluted exhaust con- centrations and exhaust flow rate for many other emission metrics.

The guide is available below in English and Spanish

Pollutants (SLCPs)