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Recommendations for LEAP-IBC: Determining 3 new emission factors for the brick sector


Within the framework of the Climate Accounting, Measurement and Analysis (CLIAMA) component of the CCAC Bricks Initiative, Colombia has been deploying a black carbon measurement campaign across different regions and kiln types since 2015.  A total of 25 measurements have been conducted with the Ratnoze 2 sampling kit with the premise to obtain reliable emissions data from the sector and from different kiln types. As a result of the measurement work Colombia has prepared a portfolio of black carbon mitigation interventions for the brick sector. 

Colombia has carried out additional CCAC supported activities to determine the effectiveness of the proposed portfolio interventions aimed at reducing emissions; to inform climate and health impact, and to round off the performance comparisons between kilns that have been proposed within Colombia’s mitigation scenarios.  

Colombia has performed eight (8) measurements of black carbon from three (3) different kiln types to determine three (3) new emission factors which will serve as input to the SNAP LEAP-IBC tool. The following report provides an overview of the process for determining the new emission factors and key recommendations.


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