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Rice in the global economy: Strategic research for policy issues and food security


This book addresses the key strategic questions in the context of major developments in the global economy. Some of the strategic questions follow: (1) How does the role of rice change with economic growth? (2) Will rice be produced mainly on small or large farms; in irrigated or rainfed areas? (3) How will the increasing scarcity of labor affect the organization of rice production? (4) Can the poor depend on rice trade for stable food security? (5) Will Africa become the new growth center for rice? (6) What impact will climate change have on the way rice will be grown in the future? and (7) What are the key global and regional priorities for rice research and policy reforms? The various contributions in this book examine these questions in the context of major global trends.

The book consists of 18 chapters organized into four thematic sections: (1) rice in the global food economy, (2) organization of rice production and postharvest operations and input efficiency, (3) evolving rice market structure, and (4) technological opportunities and the role of R&D policies. 

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