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Seasonal Air and Climate Pollution with Lasting Impacts: Open Burning and Domestic Heating


Both these sources of pollution- because they only occur during a few short winter months, or even just once annually (open burning) - previously have not been considered major targets for achieving public health or climate benefits. However, recent fire events an related health emergencies from open burning have demonstrated both acute and long-term impacts; and ongoing work on wood and coal heating stoves by many cities have shown their importance as a source of both PM and black carbon affecting human health. Both sources also impact local glaciers and water resources, as well as increase regional and global warming through deposition of black carbon on snow and ice.

This side event will highlight the risks to health and climate from these seasonal pollution sources, and outline paths available to address them. The event will include participation from officials of the CCAC, WHO, UNECE, WMO and UN-Environment, as well as experts in these two highlighted sectors; followed by a High-level Roundtable.