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Solid biomass fuels for cooking - beyond firewood and charcoal

Solid biomass fuels for cooking - beyond firewood and charcoal

The goal of this publication is to provide an overview of solid biomass fuels suitable for cooking other than firewood or charcoal. Which solid biomass is suitable for cooking; what forms of solid biomass exist; and how can they be processed? Furthermore, we will offer guidance on the vast opportunities related to cooking with solid biomass fuels. A sample of initiatives and projects that have made use of solid biomass that would have otherwise been discarded as waste are highlighted, and project staff share valuable lessons learned during project implementation.

Above all, this publication is addressed to policymakers, project developers and other interested individuals who seek to address one of the major challenges of this century with actionable solutions — by finding healthy and resource-efficient ways to use solid biomass fuels for the preparation of cooked food all around the world.


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