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Validating and generating mitigation scenarios for the bricks sector: the Experience of Colombia


The Corporación Ambiental Empresarial, within the framework of its activities and commitments as a member of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition for the Reduction of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, advances the first multiple benefits analysis to know the impacts in terms of mortality and morbidity associated with poor air quality resulting from the implementation of the main measures (defined in a tentative or official manner) to reduce emissions of the main greenhouse gases, criteria pollutants and black carbon from the brick sector in Colombia.

This exercise represents an estimate of the positive impacts in terms of air quality and climate change from the implementation of emissions mitigation measures, and, having been carried out in the LEAP-IBC tool, it is meant to incorporate the new data as it is consolidated.

The supporting technical documentation aims to clarify the methodology and assumptions used to arrive at the results obtained in order to ensure the transparency and replicability of the exercise. The results obtained are also shown.