Jordan joined the Coalition to raise awareness about short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) in the surrounding region and further promote its vision of a green economy and sustainable development. The country recognizes that SLCP reductions will in turn reduce premature deaths, increase crop yields and provide greater food security. As the first country in the Middle East and North Africa region to join the Coalition, Jordan has helped raise the Coalition’s profile in neighbouring countries. 

CCAC activities

Activity | SNAP
Jordan | Ongoing
With the support of the Coalition's Supporting National Planning (SNAP) Initiative, the Ministry of Environment is working to develop an integrated emission inventory of greenhouse gases, short-lived...
Group photo at the SNAP meeting in Amman, Jordan 2019
Activity | Waste
Jordan | Ongoing
The city of Amman (Jordan) is receiving support from the Coalition to: Implement landfill gas recovery and electricity generation Construction of a clean materials recovery facility (MRF)...
Amman, Jordan
Workstream | HFC
HFCs have a wide range of uses, including in foams, refrigeration, and aerosols, and manufacturers tend to use well-known existing technology solutions that currently are not as climate-friendly as...
Workstream | HFC
These demonstration projects, approved by the Coalition's Working Group in April 2014, will demonstrate and promote the deployment of low-global warming potential (GWP), climate-friendly alternatives...
Workstream | Heavy-Duty Vehicles
The Global Strategy to Introduce Low Sulfur Fuels and Cleaner Diesel Vehicles – the first global plan to reduce small particulate and black carbon emissions from cars, buses and trucks by over 90% by...
The Global Sulfur Strategy


Ministry of Environment, Um uthaina King Faisl St. 1408,
Amman 11941
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