Accelerating Low Emission Logistics in India


-By invitation only-

Zero Emission Trucks (ZETs/eTrucks) offer a compelling alternative to the diesel trucks that dominate India’s road freight today. ZETs, with zero tailpipe emissions and TCO economics, present an opportunity to leverage incoming investments in the India’s logistics sector growth to transition towards a low emission paradigm for a net zero future.

Finance is crucial in determining the business viability of ZETs, therefore, developing innovative financing models to address existing challenges is essential. Additionally, focusing on standardizing the freight emissions accounting framework in India can enhance fuel efficiency standards, offering significant opportunities to reduce both emissions and the country's dependency on fuel imports.

Building on the strong industry interest demonstrated at the first demand signal showcase at CEM Goa, the discussions in this seminar are aimed at identifying ZET deployment opportunities across sectors and use cases while establishing strategies to translate freight electrification vision into action. Additionally, the discussions would also focus on freight emissions accounting as an important first step towards recognising the need for freight electrification and explore innovative models to address financing as a critical ZET adoption barrier.