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Smart Freight Centre (SFC) was established in 2013 as a global nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable freight. We cover all freight and only freight.

Our vision is ‘Smart Freight’: an efficient and zero-emissions global logistics sector - contributing to Paris Agreement climate targets and Sustainable Development Goals.

Our mission is to bring together the global logistics community through our Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) to work towards this vision. We believe that increased collaboration and transparency will mobilize companies to take climate action to reduce the greenhouse gas and pollution impact arising from global freight.

Our goal is that 100+ multinationals reduce at least 30% of logistics emissions by 2030 compared to 2015 across their global logistics supply chains reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Concretely, this means at least 80 million tonnes annual CO2e emission reductions by 2030.

Our main role is to advise companies on how to develop and implement their company-specific Sustainable Logistics Roadmap using the four ‘Smart Freight Leadership’ steps: report, set targets, reduce and collaborate.

To ensure sector-wide uptake of greenhouse gas disclosure and climate action, SFC also plays an advocacy role and raises awareness among companies and other relevant stakeholders. We put this into practice through four activities:

  • Guide multinationals and their suppliers to develop and implement Sustainable Logistics Roadmaps, through guidelines, training and advice
  • Remove key business barriers through GLEC projects that result in guidelines that work for industry, the first of which was the GLEC Framework
  • Advocacy with governments and organizations for supportive policy, programs and strategies in order to scale industry action
  • Raise awareness through events, workshops and webinars and by publishing stories of companies that demonstrate leadership

Our organization has particularly been involved in the Heavy Duty Vehicle Initiative through the Global Green Freight Action Plan. SFC’s rationale for reducing short-lived climate pollutants is that climate and pollution mitigation are connected. Therefore, our mission and work covers freight emissions include both greenhouse gases and other pollutants that have a climate or pollution impact or both. This is reflected across our work.

Collaboration is key to achieving our climate goals. Therefore, from one end we aim to continue our ongoing collaborations with CCAC; advocate for the use of the Black Carbon methodology and to develop further the Global Green Freight Action plan. From the other and given that the CCAC is GLEC strategic partner, we will look for GLEC projects which could benefit collaboration or co-funding opportunities via the CCAC.

Video: About Smart Freight Centre and the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC)

Other activities

All activities were carried out without CCAC funding and are mentioned in the updated activities until the end of 2022 of the Global Green Freight Action Plan:


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