Action for Climate and Clean Air – Fast Forwarding a Better Future

We Don't Have Time

We Don’t Have Time and UNEP's Climate and Clean Air Coalition are proud to present Action for Climate and Clean Air – Fast-Forwarding a Better Future, a series of 3 episodes about non-CO2 pollutants and how we can fast-forward actions.

The three-part series interviewed experts and policymakers attending the Climate and Clean Air Conference held in Nairobi, Kenya from 21 to 24 February, to take stock of progress on the non-Carbon Dioxide pollutants (sometimes called super pollutants) and more importantly how to significantly fast forward action.

Stepped up action on methane, black carbon or soot, hydrofluorocarbons and low-lying ozone could help the world to halve climate emissions by 2030, meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and provide a big boost against health hazardous air pollution, crop losses and the poisoning of natural systems.

In this first episode, we looked at the latest science while checking out some of the technological solutions being fast forwarded by governments and the private sector.

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