Government Action to Reduce Methane from Organic Waste


Keeping organic matter out of landfills is a cost-effective way to cut methane emissions from waste. Achieving this requires policies that promote sorting, recycling or composting, but also avoiding food waste in the first place.  

This webinar looks at the experiences of the governments of Chile and Indonesia in developing and implementing policies to divert organic waste from landfills and explore the multiple benefits that methane action can deliver towards climate change mitigation and improved human health and wellbeing.    


  • Drew Shindell, CCAC Special Advisor on Methane Action 
  • Alice Alpert, Office of Global Change Bureau of Oceans, Environment, and International Scientific Affairs, US State Department  
    Opening remarks
  • Marcelo Mena, Former Minister of Environment (Chile) 
    Sharing Best Practices for Organic Waste Management Between Chile and Canada  
  • Willy Irawan, City of Medan, (Indonesia)  
    City Waste Exchange Program: Partnering Cities in the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan 
  • Clementine O’Connor, Sustainable Food Systems, Energy and Climate Branch (UNEP) 
    Food Waste Prevention and City Waste Measurement 
  • Aditi Ramola, Technical Director (ISWA) and panellists  
    Panel discussion + Audience Q&A

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