Webinar series: Regulating methane


The recent Sixth Assessment Report of the IPCC emphasises the urgency of the climate emergency and the need for immediate, large-scale reductions of all greenhouse gases. Significant cuts to methane emissions hold especially high potential in this regard. Due to its relatively short lifetime in the atmosphere, reducing methane can rapidly slow the rate of global temperature rise, complementing efforts to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions and keep warming below 2°C.   

To put the world on a path consistent with the Paris Agreement 1.5˚C target, methane emissions must be reduced by 45% by 2030 relative to projected levels. The CCAC’s Global Methane Assessment shows how this can be achieved by using cost-effective solutions that are readily available today. Reducing methane by 45% would also offer immediate and long-lasting benefits for air quality, food, water and economic security for much of the world. 

This webinar series sets out to inspire fast action on methane by providing multiple examples of national methane regulations and policies in the three largest emitting sectors, fossil fuels, agriculture and waste. Details on how to participate in these webinars can be found below. 

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