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National Solid Waste Management Master Plan

2016 - 2021


This integrated programme emphasised the waste-to-energy path and co-benefits for health, the local economy, and the climate. It aimed to encourage citizens to follow the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) in minimizing waste production, introduce centralized facilities for waste utilization, and convene relevant sectors to participate in managing solid and hazardous waste.

It set the following targets:

  1. More than 75% of municipal solid waste disposed properly by 2021. 

  2. More than 50% of local governments have systems for waste separation at the source (households) by 2021.  


This plan aimed to achieve its objectives by:

  1. Establishing proper disposal methods for municipal solid waste and household hazardous waste by using centralized facilities for clusters of municipalities emphasizing waste utilization and waste to energy methods; and
  2. Reducing municipal waste through maximizing use, enhancing manufacturer responsibility for whole-product life cycle, and reduce plastic and styrofoam.

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Policy, plan, or strategy



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