Argentina - Update and improve SLCP mitigation assessment and deliver a methane roadmap  


Exposure of Argentinians to air pollution is estimated to result in 12,000 premature deaths per year. This exposure results from several key sources, including transport, agriculture, and the energy sector. 

Argentina is committed to further developing SLCP mitigation measures and including them in the country's NDC implementation plan and inventory development process.

Argentina is also a signatory to the Global Methane Pledge, and as such it is required to develop a methane roadmap which this project will develop and deliver. 

However existing SLCP inventory data is covers the period to 2018 only and Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development requires capacity support to assess the magnitude of SLCP emissions from major source sectors, and identify and evaluate mitigation options. 


This project aims to address goverment SLCP planning capacity constraints by i) recruiting national experts who would be responsible for increasing capacity, and ii) by providing intensive technical training to staff at the Ministry of Environment and other sectoral Ministries and groups relevant to SLCP planning.   

The project will also aim to achieve the following: 

  • Government inclusion of SLCP mitigation measures in its NDC implementation plan and inventory development process.
  • Develop a methane roadmap for Argentina which can be endorsed by the government.
  • Increase government capacity to assess and model their SLCP emissions, assess the co-benefits of mitigation, and track mitigation progress.



This project will provide technical assistance to Argentina’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development to update the short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) mitigation assessment and support  Argentina in meeting its methane mitigation targets. The project will target data collection and evaluation of mitigation measures at those sectors that make the largest contribution to the health impacts of air pollution, as well as making the largest contribution to climate change.  

Specifically, the project will:  

  • Improve and update SLCP emissions inventories which include the energy, waste, agriculture, and forestry sectors as well as emissions projections to 2050. 
  • Create mitigation assessments as a technical basis for integrating SLCPs into current inventories, plans and strategies for air quality and climate change mitigation (e.g., NDC implementation plans, air quality strategy, greenhouse gas emissions inventory). Mitigation assessments will include an evaluation of the benefits of proposed mitigation actions, and a pathway for resource mobilization to ensure the implementation of priority SLCP measures.    
  • Deliver a methane roadmap that follows a methodology agreed with the CCAC Secretariat. Deliver capacity building workshops and support tools to train key experts and institutions to continuously update the SLCP analysis to assess mitigation priorities and track implementation progress. 

Project reference: Argentina - Update and improve SLCP mitigation assessment and deliver a methane roadmap [AR-22-002]