Benin - Developing a national organic waste management and mitigation assessment

This project responds to a request by Benin’s Ministry of Environment for technical assistance to support strengthening the national SLCP planning process, initiating SLCP implementation and increasing capacity for methane mitigation. 

Project reference: [BJ-22-001] Benin - Developing a national organic waste management and mitigation assessment 


The project aims to achieve the following by its completion: 

  • The Government of Benin has increased capacity to assess and model their SLCP emissions, to prioritize and implement SLCP mitigation measures, and to track progress. 
  • The Government of Benin endorses the methane roadmap.
What we're doing

The main project deliverables are: 

  • A review of the current policies, laws and programs related to organic waste management at the different levels, city, state, and country.  
  • An assessment of the organic waste management sector of Benin, including understanding methane and SLCP emissions, which would include 
    • Data collection of current practices on organic waste, including existing organic waste treatment facilities 
    • Calculation of baseline of emissions 
  • Identification of methane mitigation measures for the organic waste sector based on the assessment 
  • An organic waste management roadmap, which includes:  
    • Quantification of the potential SLCP emissions reductions by implementing the organic waste methane mitigation measures 
    • Evaluation of the costs to implement the roadmap, including recommendations of economic instruments and funding opportunities to implement the roadmap 
    • Guidance document on how to communicate the organic waste management roadmap with the public and relevant stakeholders