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Represented by the Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development (MLESD), Bénin joined the Coalition in 2013 to build on the activities already taking place in the country in the industrial, agricultural, transport and waste sectors. The country looks to combat climate change and improve the lives of its people, expressing strong interest in promoting energy-efficient technologies and reducing short-lived climate pollutant emissions from the agriculture and forestry sectors. 

Bénin remains highly involved in the Agriculture, Heavy Duty Vehicles, Household Energy Waste and Supporting National Planning work of the CCAC, continuing efforts to reduce black carbon and other SLCPs.  

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The Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development of Benin is working to increase awareness about short-lived climate pollutants and the activities that cause emissions.


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Ministry of Environment in charge of the management of Climate Change, Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Resources and Forestry, 01 BP 3621

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