Capacity building to enhance Benin’s NDC

Since joining the CCAC in 2013, Benin has worked extensively on short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) planning and reduction activities, especially by developing integrated emission inventories and increasing capacity for SLCP mitigation.  

In 2020, the CCAC supported Benin to raise ambition in its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) through its funding to the NDC Partnership Climate Action Enhancement Package

Benin received technical support to conduct an analysis of greenhouse gas and short-lived climate pollutant mitigation options to inform  the country’s revised NDC. 


This project aimed to: 

  • Develop the analytical modelling required to identify the measures that can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and SLCPs in Benin;  
  • Build capacity within institutions in Benin to undertake own assessments of greenhouse gas and SLCP mitigation and continue these analyses after completion of the project.   

Project activities

Through the NDC Partnership, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Benin received financial, technical and capacity building support for the integration of SLCP and air pollutants mitigation measures in the updated NDC. The activity focused on: Activities covered:  

  • Development of LEAP analysis for assessing greenhouse gas and SLCP emissions and their mitigation potential from implementation of policies and measures 
  • Capacity building of national experts in the use of LEAP for the assessment of measures and policies in key greenhouse gas and SLCP emitting sectors  
  • Development of a greenhouse gas and SLCP emission inventory and mitigation assessment covering all economic sectors 

The support provided led to:  

  • Strengthened national capacities in the evaluation of policies and measures for the mitigation of SLCPs and other greenhouse gases and air pollutants using LEAP 
  • A national report on the evaluation of policies and measures for the mitigation of SLCPs and other greenhouse gases and air pollutants 
  • Integration of SLCPs in Benin's updated NDC 

The assessment of SLCPs in Benin’s NDC has helped increase its ambition. The 15 identified SLCP mitigation measures have the following emission reduction potential:  

  • Black carbon: 14% reduction in 2030 compared to a baseline scenario,  
  • Methane: 8% reduction in 2030 compared to a baseline scenario